Saturday, December 29, 2007

Flying Glory and the Hounds of Glory Blogger's Bonus...

Today kicks off what we hope will be the first "Blogger's Bonus" incentive to check our blog or RSS feed for the latest site updates (versus our YahooGroup or other areas) as we hope to segue to this eventually as our main form of communication. People not tuned in to the blog (unless they stumble across it randomly in a search) will have to stumble around the site to find gems like this.

Can't wait until the 2nd week of January for more Flying Glory and the Hounds of Glory? Well, we've got a treat for you! Another brand new song has been unveiled in the form of a "visual video" and it's called "Stand Up". As many people don't know, Flying Glory and the Hounds of Glory began as an idea for a film that we worked on for several years before realizing the world was far more rich than we could capture in a film... and so the webcomic was born that debuted in 2001. As the story was about a band, many songs were done for that film and most of which have been incorporated into the webcomic - or will be in upcoming issues.

One that didn't make the cut because it didn't fit with any plot is a song called "Stand Up". I realized recently that I had a backlog of Kevin's pencils and inks of unapproved art since he sends me everything to look at before posting. I went through those alternate takes and deleted scenes (for lack of better terms) to see if anything fit with the "Stand Up" lyrics. Surprisingly it worked relatively well, and the result is a showcase of a new song and never-before-seen art. Look close at the stuff you think you've seen before - there are subtle differences! The majority of the art is new to the web, however, and in darkened pencils versus complete inking.

Check out "Stand Up" at:

On the topic of songs, the other present to you avid blog readers is advance notice that I spent the day making sure the Discography is completely up to date - so if you want to know the complete lyrics to all songs through the current issue, they're available now!

Happy New Year and see you in a couple weeks!


Thursday, December 20, 2007

Best wishes to you all...

We were hoping to get one more page in before the end of the year, so were doing our best to eke it out a couple days after the 16th and see what we could do. Alas, things have gotten crazy and it is just not to be!

So we wish you the best for your holiday season and hope you are able to wait until our story resumes on January 13th! The next two Sundays are right before Christmas and New Year's for us, respectively, and the weekend after I'm scheduled to make appearances at Anime Los Angeles in Burbank and Kevin will be attending with me. We're hoping to find a way to reward you for your continued devotion.

All the best,

Sunday, December 9, 2007

New song premieres!

What song is performed for the first time on live morning television?  Find out on the latest page of "In the Key of Me" at !

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