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Flying Glory and the Hounds of Glory - Recap to Glory!

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In case you've been interested in FLYING GLORY AND THE HOUNDS OF GLORY but don't know where to begin, this is a recap of the past eight issues through our current action in midway issue 9, giving you a sense of where these characters have come from to get to the current issue. If there's a certain character that intrigues you, this will help you locate which issues to concentrate on to follow that character. If this doesn't interest you, be advised this contains SPOILERS so you may just want to avoid the listing altogether.


CASSIE - Originally seen spying on Debra from afar (Issue 1, 2), Cassie decides to get close and personal with her target by applying for an open vacancy as the band's head of security and getting the job (Issue 3). Her tactics are considered highly unwelcome though her prescence helps put John's mind at ease (Issue 4). Her motives for following Debra are still unclear, though it becomes obvious she does possess human qualities and doesn't always obey the orders of her mysterious superiors (Issue 5, 6).

DEBRA - Debra begins as simply an average teenager hoping that her band made up of her high school friends will find fortune and fame, but her world changes forever when her powers awaken and she discovers that she can fly and has super strength (Issue 1). Debra decides that capitalizing on her grandmother's name and image would be both the perfect homage and attention grabber, so she turns to a fashion competition at the school to help get new costumes made and convinces the principal to let them perform as the headline act, which is how they meet Krystal (Issue 1). A series of events, including the injury of her friend Nate (Issues 2, 3, 4) start slowly making an impact on Debra that being a hero is serious business. After teaming up with an international superheroine (Issue 5), Debra's world is shattered to the core when she's sold on doing a duet with the former lead singer of a famous boy band but he later charms her to his hotel room where he tries to drug her and have his way; only the intervention of a worried John and Nate saves the day (Issue 6). Now Debra, who began so confident, now feels unsure of everything and struggles to get past these events (Issues 7, 8, 9).

ELSIE - Elsie is not necessarily happy with Debra's choice to copy her former superhero name and update her image to become the next Flying Glory (Issue 1). Unwilling to train her at first, Elsie becomes moved to do so after Debra's plea to her following Nate's injury (Issues 2, 3, 4). More recently, Elsie is beginning to sense that something is wrong with Debra but can't get her to open up (Issue 7).

JOHN - John and Debra has been neighbors and best friends since they were very young, and started their first band together in junior high along with Nate. Now that the Flying Glory powers have awakened in Debra, John often finds himself questioning where he fits in Debra's life, as prior to that point he felt he was protecting her (Issue 2 illustrates one example), and suggests hiring additional security which comes in the form of Cassie (Issue 3, 4). Secretly he's been working on a sonic weapon (Issue 3) that he uses to defend Debra when Nate tells him she's in danger (Issue 6).

KRYSTAL - Krystal is the newest member of the band, joining after pitching in to save the day when Debra's first concert as Flying Glory is attacked (Issue 1). She creates the persona of Aura and reveals her talent for playing guitar (Issue 2), which we later discover she learned how to play during the prior summer where she rebelliously ran away to Venice Beach and was influenced by a mysterious boyfriend (Issues 3, 7, 8).

LUCY - Lucy, often the most moody and withdrawn, previously dated Vince. She has a falling out with Debra when she tries to write lyrics to a song - traditionally Lucy's job now that she's part of the band (Issue 2). Later, she befriends a single mother named Janis trying out for a group of "stage villians" to enrich their concert choreography and is upset when Dyllian is chosen over her; once Dyllian decides she can't be both videographer and stage actor, Lucy and Dyllian come to an agreement both on hiring Janis and a truce of sorts regarding Vince (Issues 7, 8).

NATE - After being injured by the alsoran rock star Glamm (Issue 2, 3), Nate's parents send him to therapy in hopes of getting him away from his friends whom they now feel are a danger to him. These concerns only intensify after his cousin Aiko comes to town (Issue 5), and a mysterious Japanese super villian seems to show up at the same time. To help placate their concerns, and to solidfy his own future, Nate gets an internship at Tekaz Records (Issue 6) where he bears witness to a situation that endangers Debra and convinces John to go with him to save her (Issue 6). His childhood best friend Eddie, from whom he has more recently become estranged but his parents wish he would become close to again, becomes part of the Flying Glory and the Hounds of Glory stage act the Villians of Vengeance (Issues 5, 7, 8). Nate continues to see his therapist while juggling his intership and remains devoted to his friends despite his parents' protests (Issues 8, 9).

TONI - Officer Toni Grant rescues Nate after the attack of the alsoran rock star Glamm (Issue 2, 3) who in his haze doesn't initially recognize her as Netty Grant, the younger sister of a regular customer to his parents' anime/manga store before Netty's brother was tragically killed. The event begins to reawaken feelings in Toni of a past she tried to leave behind (Issue 4, 5, 6) including her own secret youthful attraction to the somewhat younger Nate.

VINCE - Vince and Lucy used to date but are still in the band together. After defeating the alsoran rock star Glamm (Issue 2), Vince finds himself approached by an alluring admirer by the name of Dyllian Nash (Issue 2) and starts to seriously romance her (Issue 3), which doesn't sit well with Lucy. However, even he is taken by surprise when she muscles her way in as the band's official videographer (Issue 4), attempts to try out for the "stage villian" troupe The Villians of Vengeance (Issues 7, 8) as well as the revelation that she is really Dyllian Nash King, adopted daughter of mega-tycoon Claudia King (Issues 7, 8).

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She ain't going to ruin my chances...

Well, this tells you how hard we're working to catch up for you... the previous message was an inadvertent tease to the NEXT page of the comic, currently under production!

People do indeed start taking action when Diva Bombshell first crashes in, but who besides Flying Glory makes the first bold move? Find out in our CURRENT page of "In the Key of Me" (Page 16) now at http://www.flying-glory.com !

(and stay on the edge of your seat for Page 17...!)


A Washed Up Has-Been?

Flying Glory and Diva Bombshell continue to fight it out... But who calls who a has-been? Are the Villians of Vengeance saved? And what's everyone else doing?

Find out at the latest page of "In the Key of Me" at www.flying-glory.com !

(And sorry for not having a page last week after kicking off with two pages. Complicated page doubled with tech issues from Kevin's new Painter X...)




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Double the excitement, double the action...

We promised you we'd be back January 13th and we delivered! And to thank you for your continued devotion (and patience during our long wait), we've posted yet another page of the latest Flying Glory and the Hounds of Glory story for you to enjoy!

So now pages 14 AND 15 of "In the Key of Me" are now available at http://www.flying-glory.com ! And if you haven't started our latest storyline yet, now's a good time to begin as one of your new adventures in a new calendar year! Just click on the CURRENT ISSUE button on the home page to get started.